Impromptu Hypnosis

What is impromptu Hypnosis?


impromptu hypnosis by john penmanAs soon as you spotted the title in the menu bar you probably wondered "what is impromptu hypnosis"? The definition of impromptu given by is "made or done without previous preparation" or "suddenly or hastily prepared, made, etc". Although both of these are correct, they don't exactly match what I am offering as an alternative entertainment to a comedy hypnosis show.

When I am booked to perform my comedy hypnosis Show I give advice to my clients on how to make the event as successful as possible. One of the most important factors is to advertise the show for a period of time before hand. The more people who see the advertising and  talk about the fourth-coming event, the more interest it generates and a greater number of guests attend. This in-turn leads to an audience who want to be there for a hypnosis show, either to watch or volunteer. When attending one of my Improptu Hypnosis bookings, the guests sometimes don't know that an entertainer is going to be there. This is the main difference between a comedy hypnosis show and what I call impromptu hypnosis.


With impromptu hypnosis the audience may not even be aware of a hypnotist being at the event. It's very similar to a magician performing to guests at a wedding, you don't really need to know a magician will be there before you attend. Rather than setting up on a stage and preparing a large-scale show with a PA system and props etc, impromptu hypnosis takes place at the tables where the guests are seated. The hypnotist approaches a table and introduces him/herself to the guests and finds out who is interested in experiencing some hypnotic phenomenon.

As impromptu hypnosis is very similar in its approach to that of a close-up magician the two disciplines can complement each other very well. With John Penman also being an award-winning magician, he often offers both as a package. This gives the choice of either having impromptu hypnosis on its own or as part of a close-up magic performance around the tables for your guests.


 Impromptu Hypnosis John Penman The Comedy Hypnotist


So to say impromptu hypnosis is "made or done without previous preparation" or "suddenly or hastily prepared, made, etc" isn't really correct. There has been a lot of previous preparation done in the form of practise and rehearsal over many years and performances. It certainly cannot be described as hastily prepared either but to the audience it will look spontaneous. If the event you are planning is not suitable for the full scale comedy hypnosis show it may be that some impromptu hypnosis would be the answer. For more details or to make a booking please use the mobile numbers on this page or click the button below.