John Penman

John PenmanJohn Penman has been interested in hypnosis for over 25 years. Ever since he watched his first Hypnosis show as a teenager. He can still remember how it made him feel to see friends and strangers performing amazingly bizarre, but hysterically funny antics. Like many others before him, John decided that he had to learn how to perform like the hypnotist on stage. But unlike others before him, John actually did something about it. Over the years his journey to make others feel the same way he felt at that first show, have taken many twists and turns to get him where he is today. John Penman started in the entertainment industry first as a Magician doing Close-up Magic and children's shows. But his passion for hypnosis was never far away. Before long John started to hypnotise people whilst he was performing magic at private events. He found he enjoyed the reactions that entailed. He was hooked again and wanted to develop his skills further. He continued to soak up all he could about hypnosis. To gain an even greater understanding he embarked upon training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. The extra knowledge gained over 18 months of hard training coupled with his ever-growing experience have made him a very highly skilled and sought after performer. John decided next that it was time to develope a Comedy Hypnosis Show and to become like the hypnotist that had captured his interest years before. With the help of a good friend who happens to be one of Britain's leading Stage Hypnotists, a show was born which continues to develop and grow with every performance.

Remember that not all Hypnotists are the same.

John Penman has been performing for many years and with his back-up training in clinical hypnotherapy is able to adapt and deal with any eventuality. He is also fully insured, including “In Trance cover” which is a legal requirement by most local authorities. Be aware as many comedy hypnotists are not insured. John performs Comedy Hypnosis Shows which are suitable for all the family. If children are present, they or you will not be embarrassed or offended in any way. The shows are easily adaptable and can be tailored to suit any given audience but if you want rude and lewd then look elsewhere.
John Penman is definitely one of the funniest Comedy Hypnotists around today and his show is unique. His Comedy Hypnosis Show can be scaled to any size venue. The show is suitable for large theatre settings or more conservative premises.  If you are looking for something that will impress your corporate clients. Your wedding guests or university events team. The local clubs & pubs or even a small gathering of friends in your living room, then this is the man for you. If you are after entertainment that is fast paced, versatile and laugh out loud funny then again this is for you. To avoid any disappointment, please make all enquiries or booking requests as early as possible.