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Welcome to the Poster & publicity page for The Comedy Hypnotist

On this Poster & Publicity page we aim to help you to have the most successful and talked about event possible.

So how do you ensure that you have a well attended and successful night?

Use the information on this Poster & Publicity page.


Advertise Advertise Advertise

The big secret to getting people to enjoy themselves, spend money in your premises and to talk about their night at your establishment for months to come is simple.

You must let people know what is happening. Now on the face of it that sounds too easy to be true but it really is.

Firstly you need to book someone with a great reputation ie John Penman - The Comedy Hypnotist, but do so a few months ahead of time.

Now the advertising can start.



If you don't have a Facebook page for your premises or event then start one - really start one straight away.

Post about your event as soon as you have John Penman The Comedy Hypnotist booked so the event gets well and truly planted into your customers minds. Take a picture of my publicity poster and post that to Facebook with your event details added to it.

Ask all your regulars to like your Facebook page and share your advert to all of their friends. This cost nothing but a bit of your time and can reach hundreds of potential visitors to your event in a very short time.

You must keep posting about the event at regular intervals to keep this relevant, once a week would do and remember to post how fast the ticket sales are going and to get yours fast.

Please tag me in your posts and I will advertise your event on my page to bring in more customers.



You will be supplied with some advertising poster from The Comedy hypnotist which are A2 size and you should place these in some prominent position to get the best response.

The poster will be like the one shown below, it's amazing how a well made poster can catch people's imagination and get them planning to have a great time.

You can right-click on the poster below and print it out at any size your printer will allow to complement the posters which are supplied.


Email Database

It is also a great idea when selling tickets to get your customers/friends email address to help you build up a data base of potential customers which will help to advertise all future events.

Now there are many other cheap and sometimes free ways to publicise your event.

You could place an advert in all the free online directories for your area.

If you have a website than use it to show off your up and coming Comedy Hypnosis Show. If you don't have a website then I strongly recommend that you get one for all your future events as it is a great way to reach even more people and collect email address for further advertising.


Local Adverts

Use the local shop widows for a nominal fee.

Put flyers on your bar counter which can be purchased very cheaply from the likes of Vistaprint

Place an add in the local free papers which circulate your catchment area.

Tell people - word of mouth should not be underestimated.


Things NOT to do

Please DO NOT book a Comedy Hypnosis show as a surprise for your customers.

Hypnosis Shows work best when they are well advertised and your customers can discuss the future event and start to encourage each other to take part on the night.

Well advertised Hypnosis Shows will attract a mix of attendees to your event. This will be made up of people who want to take part, people who want to watch and some who are just curious about hypnosis.

Also it is NOT a good idea to book a Comedy Hypnotist at short notice unless you know that you generally get a good turn-out for a particular evening. You do not want to be left with a bill for an entertainer who has no audience to entertain!

Finally if your venue is struggling financially or with numbers of attendees in general, then it would not be the best idea to book a Comedy Hypnotist and have to rely on ticket sales. You could end up loosing money rather than making it.



Poster & Publicity for John Penman - The Comedy Hypnotist
Poster & Publicity for John Penman - The Comedy Hypnotist