Stage Hypnosis / Stage Hypnosis Shows

So what is Stage Hypnosis / Stage Hypnosis Shows?


stage hypnosis / stage hypnosis showsYou could just answer that Stage Hypnosis / Stage Hypnosis Shows are simply Hypnosis performed on a stage!

Brief History

Lets look at the history of Stage Hypnosis and explain it in greater detail. According to Wikipedia Stage Hypnosis is performed for entertainment purposes. Stage hypnosis shows are performed at venues like comedy clubs, theaters, high schools, colleges, universities, festivals, and fairs. Cruise lines such as Carnival Cruises also feature stage hypnosis performances. For an in-depth history of hypnosis please visit my page History of Hypnosis & Stage Hypnosis.

From the above we can see that Stage Hypnosis can be performed in almost any type of venue and the performance area used is then refered to as the stage. Was it not William Shakespeare who said "The whole world's a stage".

A modern stage hypnosis show will usually deliver a comedic show rather than a demonstration of the powers of suggestion. Using funny sketches to show the effects of hypnosis by creating amnesia, happy & sad states, hallucinations, etc. Stage hypnosis performances often motivate audience members to look into the benefits of hypnosis for their own personal development.


Mesmerists and other performers in the 18th and 19th centuries conducted shows which later developed into the Stage hypnosis shows of today. Scottish surgeon James Braid developed his technique of hypnosis after witnessing a stage performance by the travelling Swiss magnetic demonstrator Charles Lafontaine (1803–1892) in November 1841.

Those early demonstrations were conducted in any venue that would accommodate the performer. The venue didn't matter as wherever the demonstrations took place was refereed to as the stage. It can be seen from the early beginnings of stage hypnosis / stage hypnosis shows that the words "stage" and "shows" become interchangeable.


Stage Hypnosis ShowThe picture to the right is a good example of how a modern-day hypnosis show can be adapted to suit any kind of venue. In the picture you can see John Penman - The Comedy Hypnotist, using a dance floor as the stage. This was actually taken at a Christening event where the room did not have a stage. This can be typical of a lot of venues where they don't usually need or want a stage performance area.

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